National communism in Western Europe : a third way to socialism? / edited by Howard Machin

出版者 London ; New York : Methuen
出版年 1983
巻冊次 hbk ; ISBN:0416734308 REFWLINK
: pbk ; ISBN:0416734405 REFWLINK
ISBN 0416734308
本文言語 英語
大きさ vi, 232 p. ; 23 cm


一般注記 Based on papers presented at sessions of the West European studies seminar of the University of London
Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Communism and national communism in West European politics / Howard Machin
Theoretical roots of liberal, democratic national communism / David McLellan
West European Communist parties and international communism / Peter Morris
Soviet attitudes to national communism in Western Europe / Leonard Schapiro
Foreign politics, Eurocommunism, and national communist strategies / Annette Morgan
The French Communist party during the Fifth Republic / Vincent Wright
Historic compromise or bourgeois majority? / Sidney Tarrow
The PCE in the struggle for democracy in Spain / Paul Preston
The Portuguese Communist Party / Manuel Villaverde Cabral
The Polish experience / George Schöpflin
著者標目  Machin, Howard, 1947-
分 類 LCC:HX550.N3
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LCSH:Communist parties -- Europe -- Congresses  全ての件名で検索
LCSH:Communism -- Europe -- Congresses  全ての件名で検索
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