Production sets / edited by Murray C. Kemp
(Economic theory, econometrics, and mathematical economics)

出版者 New York : Academic Press
出版年 1982
巻冊次 ISBN:012404140X REFWLINK
ISBN 012404140X
本文言語 英語
大きさ xii, 160 p. : ill. ; 24 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographies and index
内容注記 A Baedeker / Murray C. Kemp
On the flatness of the transformation surface / Murray C. Kemp, Chulsoon Khang, and Yasuo Uekawa
The properties of the set of production possibilities with pure intermediate products / Makoto Tawada
The shape of the world production frontier / Makoto Tawada
On the shape of the single-country and world commodity-substitution and factor-substitution surfaces under conditions of joint production / Murray C. Kemp ... [et al.]
Nonsubstitution over the production-possibility frontier / Richard Manning
Some implications of variable returns to scale / Horst Herberg and Murray C. Kemp
Further implications of variable returns to scale / Horst Herberg, Murray C. Kemp, and Makoto Tawada
The scale effect of public goods on production possibility sets / Richard Manning and John McMillan
Exhaustible resources and the set of feasible present-value production points / Murray C. Kemp and Makoto Tawada
Some properties of the per capita production set in the two-sector model of economic growth / Ngo Van Long
著者標目  Kemp, Murray C.
分 類 LCC:HB241
件 名 LCSH:Production functions (Economic theory) -- Addresses, essays, lectures  全ての件名で検索
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