Women and revolution in Africa, Asia, and the New World / edited by Mary Ann Tétreault

出版者 Columbia, S.C. : University of South Carolina Press
出版年 c1994
巻冊次 : hbk ; ISBN:1570030162 REFWLINK
: pbk ; ISBN:1570030316 REFWLINK
ISBN 1570030162
本文言語 英語
大きさ 456 p. ; 24 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Women and revolution: a framework for analysis / Mary Ann Tétreault
Women and revolution in Mozambique: a luta continua / Kathleen Sheldon
"This, too, is a way of fighting": rural women's participation in Zimbabwe's liberation war / Sita Ranchod-Nilsson
"Men in our country behave like chiefs": women and the Angolan revolution / Catherine V. Scott
Women and revolution in Vietnam / Mary Ann Tétreault
Women and revolution in China: the sources of constraints on women's emancipation / Kyung Ae Park
Women and revolution in South and North Korea / Kyung Ae Park
Women and revolution in Indonesia / Susan MacFarland
Revolution, Islamist reaction, and women in Afghanistan / Valentine M. Moghadam
Women and revolution in Yugoslavia (1945-1989) / Obrad Kesić
Sexuality and the politics of revolution in Iran / Farideh Farhi
Women, revolution, and Israel / Connie Jorgensen
Whose honor? Whose liberation? Women and the reconstruction of politics in Kuwait / Mary Ann Tétreault
Women, adamocracy, and the Bolivian social revolution / Gratzia Villarroel Smeall
Gender and the Mexican revolution: the intersection of family, state, and church / Diane Mitsch Bush, Stephen P. Mumme
Remaking the public sphere: women and revolution in Cuba / Sheryl L. Lutjens
Women and the counter-revolution in Chile / Joan Supplee
Simultaneous revolutions and exits: a semi-skeptical comment / Christine Sylvester
Women and revolution: what have we learned? / Mary Ann Tétreault
著者標目  Tétreault, Mary Ann, 1942-
分 類 LCC:HQ1236
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LCSH:Revolutions -- History  全ての件名で検索
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