World War I / edited by Michael Neiberg
(The international library of essays on military history)

出版者 Aldershot : Ashgate
出版年 c2005
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ISBN 0754624773
本文言語 英語
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一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Steering through rapids : Russian mobilization and World War I / Stephen J. Cimbala
The Balkan campaign and French war aims in the Great War / D.J. Dutton
The mobilization of 1914 and the question of the Russian nation : a reexamination / Josh Sanborn
The East gives nothing back : the Great War and the German army in Russia / Dennis E. Showalter
Rumania and the belligerents 1914-1916 / Glenn E. Torrey
Turkey's entry into World War I : an assessment of responsibilities / Ulrich Trumpener
Sharing scarcity : bread rationing and the First World War in Berlin, 1914-1923, Keith Allen
Military recruiting and the British labour force during the First World War / P.E. Dewey
Improvising the British war effort : Eric Geddes and Lloyd George 1915-18 / Keith Grieves
White feathers and wounded men : female patriotism and the memory of the Great War / Nicoletta F. Gullace
The outbreak of war and the urban economy : Paris, Berlin, and London in 1914 / Jon Lawrence, Martin Dean and Jean-Louis Robert
The color line behind the lines : racial violence in France during the Great War / Tyler Stovall
To the last limits of their strength : the French army and the logistics of attrition at the Battle of Verdun, 21 February - 18 December 1916 / Robert B. Bruce
The meaning of attrition, 1914-1916 / David French
German 'Atrocities' and Franco-German opinion, 1914 : the evidence of German soldiers' diaries' / John Horne and Alan Kramer
Tactical dysfunction in the AEF, 1917-1918 / Timothy K. Nenninger
Why the British were really on the Somme : a reply to Elizabeth Greenhalgh / William Philpott
Madelon and the men - in war and memory / Charles Rearick
The battle of the Somme and British strategy / Hew Strachan
The road to Ypres : the beginnings of gas warfare in World War I / Ulrich Trumpener
France, Africa, and the First World War / C.M. Andrew and A.S. Kanya-Forstner
The North-west frontier in the First World War / Lal Baha
The South African rebellion, 1914 / T.R.H. Davenport
Black men in a white man's war : the impact of the First World War on South African blacks / Albert Grundlingh
The Far East and the end of the First World War / Geoffrey Hudson
World War I and the rise of African nationalism : Nigerian Veterans as Catalysts of change / James K. Matthews
World War I and Africa : introduction / Richard Rathbone
Fixing history : narratives of World War I in France / Anne-Louise Shapiro
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件 名 LCSH:World War, 1914-1918
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