The urban ethnography reader / edited by Mitchell Duneier, Philip Kasinitz, and Alexandra K. Murphy

出版者 New York : Oxford University Press
出版年 c2014
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: pbk ; ISBN:9780199743575 REFWLINK
ISBN 9780199743582
本文言語 英語
大きさ viii, 876 p. : ill. ; 26 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references
内容注記 Chinatown / Jacob Riis
Social classes and amusements / W.E.B. Du Bois
Lower class : sex and family / St. Clair Drake and Horace Cayton
Life styles / Ulf Hannerz
Patterns of black-white interaction / Harvey Molotch
Slim and Bart / Mitchell Duneier
No friends / John L. Jackson Jr.
In Ticuani, he goes crazy : the second generation renegotiates gender / Robert Courtney Smith
Grit and glamour / Richard Lloyd
Neighborhood symbiosis / Andrew Deener
Patterns of collective action / Laud Humphreys
The territorial imperative / James P. Spradley and Brenda J. Mann
The black male in public / Elijah Anderson
Empowering the "gaze" : personal stereos and the hidden look / Michael Bull
Pissed off in L.A / Jack Katz
Feeding the pigeons : sidewalk sociability in Greenwich village / Colin Jerolmack
Kinship and community / Michael Young and Peter Willmott
Swapping : "what goes round comes round" / Carol Stack
Growing up in groveland / Mary Patillo
Towanda : making sense of early motherhood in west Baltimore / Patricia Fernandez-Kelly
Children and power during separation / Joanna Dreby
Elements of a culture / Paul Willis
Leveled aspirations : social reproduction takes its toll / Jay MacLeod
Instituting the culture of control : disciplinary practices and order maintenance / Kathleen Nolan
The labelling hype : coming of age in the era of mass incarceration / Victor M. Rios
"Getting by" in hobohemia / Nels Anderson
The life cycle of the taxi-dancer / Paul Cressey
The laundryman's social world / Paul C.P. Siu
Men and jobs / Elliott Liebow
No shame in (this) game / Katherine Newman
Serving time / Peter Bearman
Mobility for the nonmobile : cell phones, technology, and childcare / Tamara Mose Brown
Getting the shit / Randol Contreras
Bowling and social ranking / William Foote Whyte
The professional dance musician and his audience / Howard S. Becker
Fight night at studio 104 / Loic Wacquant
The clubhouse and class cultures : "bringing the infield in" / Sherri Grasmuck
Race-ing men : boys, risk, and the politics of race / Amy L. Best
Cracking the code : race, class, and access to nightclubs in urban America / Reuben A. Buford May and Kenneth Sean Chaplin
Winning bar : nightlife as a sporting ritual / David Grazian
Battlin' on the corner : techniques for sustaining play / Jooyoung Lee
The destruction of Boston's West End / Herbert J. Gans
Working the deuce / William Kornblum
Letter from a crackhouse / Terry Williams
Welfare / Kathryn Edin and Christopher Jencks
Missing the connection : social isolation and employment on the Brooklyn waterfront / Philip Kasinitz and Jan Rosenberg
On the run : wanted men in a Philadelphia ghetto / Alice Goffman
So what do you want from us here? / Barbara Myerhoff
Violating apartheid in the United States / Philippe Bourgois
Afterword / Hakim Hasan
The hustler and the hustled / Sudhir Venkatesh
Reflections on longitudinal ethnography and the families reactions to unequal childhoods / Annette Lareau
著者標目  Duneier, Mitchell
 Kasinitz, Philip, 1957-
Murphy, Alexandra K.
分 類 LCC:HT151
件 名 LCSH:Sociology, Urban
LCSH:City and town life
LCSH:Social psychology
書誌ID 1400241590


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