Providing global public goods : managing globalization / edited by Inge Kaul ... [et al.]

出版者 New York, N.Y. : Oxford University Press
出版年 2003
巻冊次 : cloth ; ISBN:0195157400 REFWLINK
: pbk ; ISBN:0195157419 REFWLINK
ISBN 0195157400
本文言語 英語
大きさ xxii, 646 p. : ill., tables ; 24 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Why do global public goods matter today? / Inge Kaul ... [et al.]
How to improve the provision of global public goods / Inge Kaul ... [et al.]
Public goods : a historical perspective / Meghnad Desai
Advancing the concept of public goods / Inge Kaul and Ronald U. Mendoza
International aspects of public goods provision / Agnar Sandmo
Assessing the optimal provision of public goods : in search of the Holy Grail / Todd Sandler
Assessing the provision status of global public goods / Pedro Conceição
Political globalization : trends and choices / David Held and Anthony McGrew
Governing the provision of global public goods : the role and legitimacy of nonstate actors / Michael Edwards and Simon Zadek
The governance of the International Monetary Fund / Ariel Buira
Steps toward enhanced parity : negotiating capacity and strategies of developing countries / Pamela Chasek and Lavanya Rajamani
Getting to fairness : negotiations over global public goods / Cecilia Albin
Combining efficiency with equity : a pragmatic approach / Odile Blanchard ... [et al.]
Creating incentives for cooperation : strategic choices / Scott Barrett
Financing global public goods : a new frontier of public finance / Inge Kaul and Katell Le Goulven
Institutional options for producing global public goods / Inge Kaul and Katell Le Goulven
Managing the provision of knowledge : the design of intellectual property laws / Carlos M. Correa
International financial stability and market efficiency as a global public good / Stephany Griffith-Jones
The multilateral trade regime : a global public good for all? / Ronald U. Mendoza
Beyond communicable disease control : health in the age of globalization / Dyna Arhin-Tenkorang and Pedro Conceição, with a contribution by Michael Kremer
Global trade for local benefit : financing energy for all in Costa Rica / René Castro and Sarah Cordero
Conserving biodiversity : reconciling local and global public benefits / Charles Perrings and Madhav Gadgil
Problems of publicness and access rights : perspectives from the water domain / Lyla Mehta
Corruption and global public goods / Peter Eigen and Christian Eigen-Zucchi
著者標目  Kaul, Inge
分 類 LCC:HB846.5
件 名 LCSH:Public goods
LCSH:International economic relations
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