Regional economic outlook : Western Hemisphere / International Monetary Fund
(World economic and financial surveys)

出版者 Washington, D.C. : International Monetary Fund
出版年 2006-
巻冊次 2006 ; ISBN:1589065948 REFWLINK
2007 ; ISBN:9781589066427 REFWLINK
2008 ; ISBN:9781589067592 REFWLINK
2009-May ; ISBN:9781589068438 REFWLINK
2009-Oct ; ISBN:9781589068605 REFWLINK
2010-May ; ISBN:9781589069213 REFWLINK
2010-Oct ; ISBN:9781589069534 REFWLINK
2011-Apr ; ISBN:9781616350659 REFWLINK
2011-Oct ; ISBN:9781616351304 REFWLINK
2012-Apr ; ISBN:9781616352530 REFWLINK
2013-May ; ISBN:9781484347928 REFWLINK
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2015-Oct ; ISBN:9781513575209 REFWLINK
2016-Apr ; ISBN:9781498329996 REFWLINK
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2019-Oct ; ISBN:9781513513959 REFWLINK
ISBN 1589065948
本文言語 英語
別書名 異なりアクセスタイトル:Western Hemisphere
大きさ v. : ill. (some col.) ; 28 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references
2009-May: Stronger Fundamentals Pay Off. 2009-Oct: Crisis Averted-What's Next?. 11-Apr: Watching out for overheating. 12-Apr: Rebuilding strength and flexibility. 2015-Oct.: Adjusting under pressure
2013-May: Time to rebuild policy space
2014-Apr.: Rising challenges
2015-Apr.: Northern spring, southern chills
2016-Apr.: Managing transitions and risks
2017-Apr.: Tale of two adjustments
2018-Apr.: Seizing the momentum
2018-Oct.: An uneven recovery
2019-Oct.: Stunted by uncertainty
著者標目  International Monetary Fund
書誌ID 1400048950


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