Documents / edited by Martin Ewans
(The great game : Britain and Russia in Central Asia / edited by Martin Ewans ; v. 1)

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出版年 2004
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ISBN 0415316383
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一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and indexes
内容注記 A request for advice on how best to counter a possible invasion from Zaman Shah of Afghanistan / The Earl of Mornington
An adumbration of a 'forward policy' in dealing with a threat from the Nortnwest / General Craig
An assessment of the French threat to India / Henry Dundas
An assessment of the possibility of a Russian invasion of India / John Malcolm
A view of the political relations of Russia during the reign of Tsar Paul I / Count F.V. Rostopchin
Orders for an invasion of India / Tsar Paul I
The British Minister in Baghdad warns of the possibility of a joint Franco-Russian invasion of India / Harford Jones
Orders to the Head of a French Mission to Persia / Napoleon Bonaparte
An assessment of the combined Franco-Russian threat to India following the Treaty of Tilsit / The Secret Committee of the Court of Directors, East India Company
Reports of Russian agents in Ladakh, Kashgar and Bokhara, 1812-1824 / William Moorcroft
A review of Russian policy towards Central Asia / G.S. Vinskii
The Board of Control of the East India Company expresses concern to the Governor General about Russian designs in Central Asia / Lord Ellenborough
H.M. Ambassador at St. Petersburg advises that he sees no prospect of Russia being able to march an army to India / Lord Heytesbury
Advice on the likelihood of a Russian invasion of India / C.E. Trevelyan and Arthur Conolly
The Secret Committee of the East India Company's Board of Control prompts and authorizes the Governor-General to initiate the First Anglo-Afghan War / The Secret Committee of the Court of Directors, East India Company
The Governor-General gives his reasons for the invasion of Afghanistan / Lord Auckland
An account of Shakespear's mission to Khiva / Richmond Shakespear
An argument against the 'forward policy' and observation of the vulnerability of the British position in India / Charles Metcalfe
著者標目  Ewans, Martin, Sir, 1928-
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