Semiotics of art : Prague School contributions / edited by Ladislav Matejka and Irwin R. Titunik

出版者 Cambridge, Mass. : MIT Press
出版年 c1976
巻冊次 ISBN:026213117X ; XISBN:0262630656 REFWLINK
ISBN 026213117X
本文言語 英語
大きさ xxi, 298 p. ; 21 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Mukařovský, J. Art as semiotic fact
Bogatyrev, P. Costume as a sign
Bogatyrev, P. Folk song from a functional point of view
Bogatyrev, P. Semiotics in the folk theater
Bogatyrev, P. Forms and functions of folk theater
Brušák, K. Signs in the Chinese theater
Honzl, J. Dynamics of the sign in the theater
Veltruský, J. Dramatic text as a component of theater
Honzl, J. The hierarchy of dramatic devices
Veltruský, J. Basic features of dramatic dialogue
Veltruský, J. Construction of semantic contexts
Jakobson, R. Is the cinema in decline?
Mukařovský, J. Poetic reference
Jakobson, R. What is poetry?
Jakobson, R. Signum et signatum
Jakobson, R. The contours of The safe conduct
Vodička, F. Response to verbal art
Doležel, L. A scheme of narrative time
Levý, J. The translation of verbal art
Mukařovský, J. The essence of the visual arts
Veltruský, J. Some aspects of the pictorial sign
Matejka, L. Postscript: Prague School semiotics
著者標目  Matejka, Ladislav, 1919-
 Titunik, I. R.
分 類 LCC:P99
件 名 LCSH:Semiotics and the arts -- Addresses, essays, lectures  全ての件名で検索
LCSH:Pražský linguistický kroužek
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