Social complexity in prehistoric Eurasia : monuments, metals, and mobility / edited by Bryan K. Hanks, Katheryn M. Linduff

出版者 New York : Cambridge University Press
出版年 2009
巻冊次 : hbk ; ISBN:9780521517126 REFWLINK
ISBN 9780521517126
本文言語 英語
大きさ xx, 417 p. : ill., maps ; 24 cm


一般注記 Includes bibliographical references and index
内容注記 Differentiated landscapes and non-uniform complexity among Bronze Age societies of the Eurasian steppe / Michael D. Frachetti
The Sintashta genesis : the roles of climate change, warfare, and long-distance trade / David W. Anthony
Settlements and cemeteries of the Bronze Age of the Urals : the potential for reconstructing early social dynamics / Andrei V. Epimakhov
The Maikop singularity : the unequal accumulation of wealth on the Bronze Age Eurasian steppe? / Philip L. Kohl
Formation of the Eurasian steppe belt cultures : viewed through the lens of archaeometallurgy and radiocarbon dating / Evgenii N. Chernykh
Late prehistoric mining, metallurgy, and social organization in north central Eurasia / Bryan K. Hanks
The Bronze-Using cultures in the northern frontier of Ancient China and the Metallurgies of Ancient Dian area in Yunnan Province / Rubin Han and Xiaocen Li
Production and social complexity : Bronze Age metalworking in the middle Volga / David L. Peterson
Early Metallurgy and Socio-cultural Complexity : archaeological discoveries in northwest China / Jianjun Mei
Violence on the frontiers? Sources of power and socio-poilicital change at the easternmost parts of the Eurasian steppe during the late second and early first millennia BCE / Gideon Shelach
First-millennium BCE beifang artifacts as historical documents / Emma C. Bunker
Blurring the boundaries : Foragers and Pastoralists in the Volga-Ural region / Laura MS. Popova
Re-writing monumental landscapes as inner Asian political process / William Honeychurch, Joshua Wright, and Chunag Amartuvshin
Socially integrative facilities and the emergence of societal complexity on the Mongolian steppe / Jean-Luc Houle
Pre-Scythian Bronze Age ceremonialism, deer stone art, and cultural intensification in northern Mongolia / William W. Fitzhugh
著者標目  Hanks, Bryan K., 1967-
 Linduff, Katheryn M.
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