International Psycho-Analytical Association


著者の属性 団体
一般注記 NUCMC data from LC Mss. Div. for Bonaprte, M. Papers, 1913-1961 (International Psychoanalytical Association)
Encyc. of Assoc., 1984 (International Psycho-Analytical Association (IPA); founded, 1910; 37 national groups; psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic organs. in 28 countries; ojectives are to facilitate comm. among members and promote tng. and educa. standards)
LC manual auth. cd. (hdg.: International Psycho-analytical Association)
Hier geht das Leben auf eine ... 1985: verso t.p. (Internationalen Psychoanalytischen Vereinigung (IPV))
Psychotherapy, impact on psychoanalytic training, c1983: CIP galley (IPA)
SRC:On Freud's "Observations on transference-love" / edited by Ethel Person, Aiban Hagelin, Peter Fonagy for the International Psychoanalytical association(Yale University Press, c1993)
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International Psychoanalytical Association
Internationale Psychoanalytische Vereinigung
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1 The International journal of psycho-analysis Vol. 1, pt. 1 (1920)-. - London : International Psycho-Analytical Press , 1920-