Walter, Barbara F.


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 SRC:Civil wars, insecurity, and intervention, c1999: t.p. (Barbara F. Walter)
EDSRC:Committing to peace : the successful settlement of civil wars / Barbara F. Walter (Princeton University Press, c2002)
Committing to peace, c2002: back cover (Barbara F. Walter is Assistant Professor of Political Science in the Graduate School of International Relations and Pacific Studies at the University of California, San Diego)
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1 Territoriality and conflict in an era of globalization / edited by Miles Kahler and Barbara F. Walter : pbk,: hbk. - Cambridge, UK : Cambridge University Press , 2006
2 Civil wars, insecurity, and intervention / edited by Barbara F. Walter and Jack Snyder : hbk,: pbk. - New York : Columbia University Press , c1999