Jucker-Fleetwood, Erin Elver


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一般注記 Her A life for sound ... 1979: CIP galley t.p. (Erin E. Jacobsson) CIP galley data (Dr., economist) copr. (Erin E. Jucker-Fleetwood) p. xii (this book is being printed under the author's maiden name to bring out the personal relationship with her father; she has previously publ. and edited under the names of Erin E. Fleetwood and Erin E. Jucker-Fleetwood)
Her Sweden's capital imports and exports, 1947: t.p. (Erin Elver Fleetwood)
Her Economic theory and policy in Finland, 1914-1925, 1958: t.p. (Erin E. Jucker-Fleetwood)
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Fleetwood, Erin Elver
Jucker, Erin Elver Fleetwood-
Jucker-Fleetwood, Erin E.
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1 A life for sound money : Per Jacobsson, his biography / by Erin E. Jacobsson Oxford : Clarendon Press : Oxford University Press , 1979
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