Hutt, W. H. (William Harold), 1899-


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 His Economists and the public, 1936
生没年等 1899
から見よ参照 Hutt, W. H.
Hutt, William Harold, 1899-
コード類 典拠ID=5003037111
1 Individual freedom : selected works of William H. Hutt / edited by Svetozar Pejovich and David Klingaman Westport, Conn. : Greenwood Press , 1975
2 The theory of collective bargaining, 1930-1975 : a critique of the argument that trade unions neutralise labour's "disadvantage" in bargaining and enhance wage-rates by the use, or threat, of strikes / W.H. Hutt Rev. with the addition of new material. - [London] : Institute of Economic Affairs , 1975
3 The economics of the colour bar : a study of the economic origins and consequences of racial segregation in South Africa / W.H. Hutt London : Published for the Institute of Economic Affairs by A. Deutsch , 1964