Colander, David C., 1947-


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一般注記 Solutions to inflation, c1979 (a.e.) t.p. (David C. Colander) p. 4 of cover (currently visiting scholar Nuffield Coll., Oxford U.)
Lerner, A.P. Selected economic writings of Abba P. Lerner, 1983: CIP t.p. (David C. Colander; assoc. prof. of econ., U. of Miami) data sheet (b. 11/16/47)
His Macroeconomics, c1986: CIP t.p. (David Colander)
EDSRC:An encyclopedia of Keynesian economics / edited by Thomas Cate ; associate editors, Geoff Harcourt, David C. Colander(Edward Elgar, c1997)
EDSRC:Where economics went wrong : Chicago's abandonment of classical liberalism / David Colander and Craig Freedman(Princeton University Press, c2019): t.p. (David Colander) jacket (Distinguished College Prof., Middlebury College)
Middlebury College website, viewed Dec. 14, 2018: resume (David Charles Colander; Christian A. Johnson Distinguished Prof. of Economics, Middlebury College, 1982- ; Associate Prof., Univ. of Miami, 1979-82; Visiting Scholar, Nuffield College, Oxford Univ., 1978-79; M.Phil., Ph.D., Columbia Univ., 1970-76; b. Nov. 1947)
生没年等 1947
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Colander, David Charles
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