Bristow, John


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一般注記 [Author of Great true adventures in ice and snow]
His Great true adventures ... 1957: t.p. (John Bristow)
GB 1955-59 index (Bristow, John)
BM cat. suppl. (Bristow, John, writer on flying)
[Author of How to get more sense out of the advertising dollar]
His How to get ... 1971: t.p. (John Bristow)
Aus 1971 (Bristow, John)
[Editor of Personnel in change]
Personnel in change, 1978 (a.e.) t.p. (John Bristow) p. 150 (consultant for organization & management development; previously worked at Nat'l. Institute for Indus. Psych.)
WW in Aus., 1965, 1977; Aus., 1972, 1973; WW, 1969, 1977; Authors & writers WW, 6th ed.; Business WW, 1974-75
SRC:Personnel in change : organization development through the personnel function / edited by Manab Thakur, John Bristow, Keith Carby(Institute of Personnel Management, 1978)
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1 Great true stories of the air / selected and edited by Anthony Hinton and John Bristow London : Arco Publications , 1958
2 Great true adventures in ice and snow / selected and edited by John Bristow and Anthony Hinton London : Arco Publications , 1957