Langland, Elizabeth


著者の属性 個人
一般注記 A Feminist perspective in the academy, 1983, c1981 (a.e.) CIP t.p. (Elizabeth Langland) pub. info. (Ph.D., Eng., Univ. of Chicago; assist. prof., Eng., Vanderbilt Univ.)
The Voyage in, 1983: CIP t.p. (Elizabeth Langland) data sheet (b. 8/11/48)
Auther's Society in the novel, c1984: t.p.(Elizabeth Langland)
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1 Nobody's angels : middle-class women and domestic ideology in Victorian culture / Elizabeth Langland :,: pbk. - Ithaca : Cornell University Press , 1995
2 Society in the novel / Elizabeth Langland Chapel Hill : University of North Carolina Press , c1984